In Memory of Happy Hollows Honey

In Loving Memory of Happy Hollows Honey
(Nobles Ginger Man x Script T Angel’s Wing)
4/23/83 – 01/12/04

I had shown many different breeds of horses in my life and after retiring my Appaloosa gelding, I had decided to no longer own any horses, until Honey came into my life.

I first saw a picture of Honey in the fall of 1984 after Dorothy Lane had told me about her, and I contacted her current owner Darlene Shaw, and she sent me pictures. At that time she was a golden palomino, and I thought she was cute, and that was the end of it, or so I thought. In January I started thinking about getting another horse/pony, and I called Darlene, and said I would like to come down and see Honey and away I went.
I really liked her and after seeing her, I was to become the proud owner of a Section B Welsh Pony.

We showed her at halter for the next several years and she was very successful, always placing in the top of the class.

I decided to take her one step further and had her broke, as I decided I would show her in performance. It turned out she was not the best of performance animals, as she always wanted to pace or do a gait that we lovingly called the Honey Shuffle, which was a wonderful four beat gait that was as smooth as silk, but, it was rather frowned upon in performance, so she was retired as a broodmare.

Throughout the years Honey produced many beautiful foals for me, and I am fortunate to still have contact with the owners of all of these foals.

Honey taught me just how smart, loving and giving, wonderful the Welsh breed was. She would always greet you with a nicker, and this was a pony that truly loved apples and pears. She would munch on them until she was foaming at the mouth, with a look of utter pleasure and contentment on her face.

Where ever I moved in Oregon, I took Honey to live with me, until I settled at my home here in Carlton, where I promised Honey she would never leave. Unfortunately I did not keep any of her fillies and was hoping for one more this spring, but it was not to be.

This wonderful pony, who taught me so much, will live forever in my heart, in my memories and through her wonderful offspring.

Debbie Benson
January 15, 2004

Written by Becky Isreal as a tribute to Happy Hollows Honey.
Never is a time so dear to hearts as when we look upon our sweet memories of our ponies. Look to the hills and listen for the wind, in it you will hear the faint nicker of Welsh past and the beckoning call home to the dear hills of Wales. For the native homeland of the Welsh calls for it's dear and departed friend to meet up with all it's ancestors of the past. Whispers of great ponies can be heard off the breeze, and in it is your loving pony Honey, and she is now in the loving soft breeze of your home in Wales.

Pedigree: Happy Hollows Honey
Happy Hollows Honey
Section B Welsh Pony mare
1983 - 2004
Nobles Ginger Man
Picture 1 ::: Picture 2
Picture 3 ::: Picture 4
Chamcook Felin Brightlight Rhyd-Y-Felin Seon
Gretton Beauty
Indian Oaks Pinal Queen Cardinal Rosebud
Marvel Sally Ann
Script T Angels Wing Script T Corn Likker Silver Star Marks Nugget
Tanglewood Springlights Lady
Script T Angles Delight Silver Star Marks Nugget
Script T Daiquiri

Honey's Children

Wyndam Hills April Suprise
Lane's Master Copy x Happy Hollows Honey
Owned by DeDe Detunque of Princeton, CA

Wyndam Hills Majic Man
Lane's Master Copy x Happy Hollows Honey
Owned by Laura Cannon of Corbett, OR

Wyndam Hills Master of Mayhem "Spud"
Gayfields Mastermind x Happy Hollow's Honey
Owned by Susan Arms of Cottage Grove, OR

D.K.'s The Impossible Dream
Gayfields Now You See It x Happy Hollow's Honey
Owned by Linda Hanson of Ashland, OR

Wyndam Hills Sonata
Gayfields Master Mind x Happy Hollow's Honey
Owned by Russel and Anita Hunt of Imbler, OR

Wyndam Hills Jazz Man
Roblyns Black Diamond x Happy Hollows Honey
Owned by Russel and Anita Hunt of Imbler, Oregon

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