In Memory of Cloe Denim Doll

In Loving Memory of Cloe Denim Doll
(Findlen Blue Danube x CC Dainty Doll)
4/23/83 10/16/07

Cloe came into my life rather unexpectedly, but it was truly my lucky day! I had a woman over in Cricket Flats contact me wanting to breed her Section B mare to Toby. She told me that she had bought Cloe at the Hermiston auction and that she was in pretty rough shape and in foal when she bought her, but she had got weight on her and she had a beautiful little black dun filly. She brought her up to the house, and I fell in love with her at first sight. We bred Cloe and sent her home. That fall I got a call from the woman and she decided she really did not want a mare and prefered a gelding and did I have anything I would like to trade. Well, I did and I became the proud owner of Cloe Denim Doll. I could not believe my good fortune getting a mare of this quality and breeding!

Cloe produced several beautiful foals for me, and when she lost her last foal, she was retired to a babysitter position for the weanlings. She loved them, but she also put them in their place! I marveled at her beautiful reaching trot, and I loved to watch her fly across the pasture.
She developed cushings and I battled mild bouts of laminitis until this last fall, it became apparent that it was time to put her down.

She is buried out in my pasture where she took care of so many babies and is now running in green pastures without any pain with her good friend Honey.

Debbie Benson
October 16, 2007

Pedigree: Cloe Denim Doll
Cloe Denim Doll
Section B Welsh Mare
1983 - 2004
Findeln Blue Danube
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Glannant Limerick Cusop Sheriff
Coed Coch prydyddes
Waitin Blue Feather Wickenden Osprey
Catherston Blue Gown
CC Dainty Doll Texas Bright Light Clan Dana
Revel Bright Dawn
Wentworth Glynda Coed Coch Glyndwr
Tan-Y-Bwlch Penllyn

Cloe's Children

Wyndam Hills Little Queen
Lane's Master Copy x Cloe Denim Doll
Owned by Ginger Kathleen

Wyndam Hills Moon Shadow
Lane's Master Copy x Cloe Denim Doll
Owned by Christina Gorham of San Diego,

Wyndam Hills Lavender and Lace"
Pruitt's Golden Jewell x Cloe Denim Doll
Russel and Anita Hunt of LaGrande, OR

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